We are obsessed with getting you more sales rather than focusing on tools ( like Facebook, Google etc.)

Ever wondered why Facebook campaigns fail and end up losing money?

No two markets are same and no two companies are same. What worked for me may not work for you. However we see people still copy other brands while doing marketing and fail.

Our philosophy is that we do not care about tools

We do believe that social media tools can give you wonderful results but we are not driven by tools alone. What we care about is the results and how you get the best results. It could be Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or something else. We have proven expertise to assist you on all these channels. We choose tools which bring you the traffic and sales and provide the best ROI for your marketing budget.

What is the secret behind most effective digital marketing campaigns?

It is all about common sense. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think from their perspective first.

The first and most important step in digital (or any) marketing is to know your target audience. Unless you know who is that person who is going to trust you with their money and time, you won't go too far in the business or in marketing.

How are you different from other similar businesses?

It is a big plus for marketing if you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Try to solve a problem which is ignored by other businesses. You can sell the same stuff but add your magic and give users a personalized experience which might be missing in big brands.

Start early with technical setups

Even if you want to start marketing after a year, setup your Social Media business pages, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Google Search, Map Listing & other social channels now. Do not delay it till the time you formally launch the digital marketing as you will miss important historical data which will aid you in your future digital marketing efforts.

Running an e-commerce business? An important point for you.

Most marketing agencies miss this important aspect that there are plugins and apps available in most e-commerce softwares which can be harnessed to cross-sell, up-sell or make the store viral with target audience. If used properly then these little tools can increase the sales by 10%-30% without spending an extra dime.

What are the most important steps you need to take?

Find out who is your target audience. Define an ideal customer. See things from their perspective. Try to understand their problems and the solutions they are looking for.

Does your product really solve their problem?

What extra value they get when shopping at your store? Why should they not shop at amazon or aliexpress ? (Important point: Do not assume that your customers are dumb; they will find out sooner or later that they were tricked by an Ad and ended up paying 10 times the normal price.)

What message you have for them?

What channels will work best for the messaging - Email, Social, SEO, Content, Online Ads, Offline events?

How do you measure the ROI, review the results and fine tune the strategy?

How do we help?

Our Digital Marketing 360 degree program helps you in every step of your digital marketing journey. We go extra mile and try to understand your business, products, services and your customers' needs.

We analyze this data and give you our best inputs for your marketing strategy. We try to give you an immediate boost on sales by implementing some simple tools and techniques so you get immediate return on your investment.

We understand that marketing services are outcome based services so we do not leave any stone unturned to delight you from the beginning itself.

We provide expert services for specific social channel as well.


Find all Digital Marketing Services under one roof.

Digital Marketing 360°

An integrated approach where we discover the Target Audience, Set Goals & Strategies, Do Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization, all in one.

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Social Media marketing

Social Media Marketing enables brands to reach new audience and tap the two-way conversation. We understand the technical and social aspects needed to increase the brand awareness & ROI.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is about getting your online ads to show up on search engines when potential customers look for products & services you offer. We provide cost/benefit optimization.

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Social Media Optimization

46% of online users rely on social media while making a purchase decision. We spread your message and make it viral by focusing on your core communication and relating it to right social media audience.

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Search Engine Optimization

Don't want to spend money on paid campaigns and still attract relevant traffic? We can help you with white hat Search engine optimization techniques.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most underrated channel however it is one of the secret weapons for many top brands. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

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Online Reputation Management

Improve your Brand's Social and Online Reputation. We audit your online reputation and provide suggestions on how to improve it. People want to buy from trusted sources not from doubtful spam like sites.

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